No, I'm Not Going To Eat The Yellow Squishy Kernels On My Plate, Mom

You know that warm blueberry muffin with melted butter permeating the insides you had this morning? Along with cheesy scrambled eggs? And the pork bacon that accompanied the two? And don't forget about cranberry juice you accidentally spilled on your white shirt that made you late for work. Well, guess what. All of these delicious things had the vegetable you hated as a kid in it, corn. 

Yup, you've been getting your vegetables in your stomach for quite a long time now. But, don't get excited because although you've been eating corn without knowing, they've been altered to be used in all those things, which takes away from it's nutrience. But, don't worry about it, it's just a starch anyway. 

Corn is in drinks, food, and even meat. This crop is America's number one grown for a reason. Corn sweetens drinks, such as the Coke you have along with that hoagie and chips you had to get because you were running late in the morning because of the purple stain, so you couldn't pack you're own lunch anyway. Again don't worry, the frozen lunch you wanted to bring also had corn in it. 

Farmers controlled by big corporations, are forced to use the corporations genetically modified seed. As for agriculture, big corporations feed their animals corn also. Although the yellow kern mil isn't great, it complies with the regulations for the slight health of animals. So, by default, your bacon and eggs have corn in them.