No Podcast for Old Men #3

In No Podcast's final episode, the boys take a look at the end of The Road and try to figure out some of author Cormac McCarthy's intentions with the text. In this week's podcast we are all winners for grappling with this existential, depressing book, and for the collaboration it took to derive a positive message.

Comments (3)

Miranda Sosa (Student 2021)
Miranda Sosa

I think you all have a great way of explaining the story while also providing your own insight to how you feel. You guys aren't scared to disagree and talk everything out. Overall throughout the whole podcast, it just felt very real and natural.

Tayah Brunson (Student 2021)
Tayah Brunson

At one point in the podcast Sam asked what the author's intent was for making a character sick. Each group member answered but they also went in depth with each of their answers and explained their point of view to the best degree.