No Podcast For Old Men - Aidan, Doug, Eli, Lincoln, and Sam

No Podcast for Old Men, discusses Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, taking a look at the Literal and Figurative devices present in the text. The text features a journey of a Man and his young child trekking south in a frigid, desolate wasteland, inhabited only by the worst humanity has to offer. No Podcast discusses the presence/absence of God in The Road, the symbolism of fire, and much more on this episode.

As far as off screen deliberations, the group landed on the mother being the “winner” of this meeting - in her own way. We also went on to state that everyone else in the book beside the mother, is a “looser”.

Comments (5)

Jonathan Rodebaugh (Student 2021)
Jonathan Rodebaugh

This Podcast was very interesting to listen to, and it was very laid back and chill, it also had funny moments. You also discussed very difficult elements in this book very well, and di a good job trying to put yourselves in the shoes of these characters.

Indiya Johnson (Student 2021)
Indiya Johnson

You guys took opportunities to speak on outside connections and it was easy to understand what you were saying. But also you guys were moving through it in a natural manner. Everyone also had their chance to speak.

Michaela Berger (Student 2021)
Michaela Berger

I love the connection to The Handmaid's Tale and your flow of conversation. There is an equal balance of everyone's voices, and also a good balance of book evidence and discussions. I also like how you guys discussed the symbols in the book.

Jackson Shumard (Student 2021)
Jackson Shumard

I like the music at the beginning, it gives it a good intro. I also enjoyed the description and analysis of the reading because it was done in a way that sounds like a natural conversation. It is a little jumpy from topic to topic but I think that helps it keep the feel of an authentic conversation about the book. I also enjoyed hearing connections to The Handmaids Tale, the book that we previously read as a class.

Jacob Prunes (Student 2021)
Jacob Prunes

I like how you decided the order and topics you were gonna talk about during the meeting because it made the conversation more organic and seem like a conversation which is another highlight. Overall the whole thing just seemed less structured which in this case is a good thing.