nschiavoni What If- 4Q History Benchmark

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    Point of Divergence- THe point of divergence that was presented in my benchmark involved the kidnapping plot of President Lincoln that Booth plotted amongst others. The future that was effected by my point of divergence was the result of President Lincoln's Reconstruction plan before his assassination. With this divergence happening many events were able to take place, such as the event of the civil war ending sooner then it should of due to abraham lincoln's response.  What I liked about this project was that as a student I was able to research a topic in history that I wasn't familiar with and able to change the course of time within it. Something that I found challenging about this benchmark was finding certain primary sources to fit my type of divergence. The most interesting event that I learned was about the Civil War and learning that Abraham Lincoln was involved with it. The actions of individuals impact the historical record because a specific time in history could of changed its course. If I were to produce a better project, I would take the time to look for a more specific point of divergence instead of the one I picked because I would feel more confident with other primary sources. Overall I am happy with the process of my 4th Quater benchmark.