Objects to People Connctions

Keith Moody 


 Object to Human Connections

Do people just write-to-write, does that make that person a writer. How can you just write something random like this paper? If people just wrote because they felt like it would everyone get published or would only certain people get published. I believe that to be a writer your story has to be a person not just a story. Which means that your story must have human characteristics. When you give a story those characteristics it allows it to connect to people. The writer must make his/her story have emotion, rules, looks, anything that will connect with the reader bind with the reader. The reason why I say this is because a story without feelings is a story with no problem. Most stories have a problem even though you can’t see it it’s aproblem is what a person sees.

I wonder can I be a writer can I really? I think not. The reason for that is because I don’t have emotion and good grammar in my writing and that's one of the key points in books that are published. To just publish a book must feel wonderful so everyone gets joy and everyone connects.

On the surface there is a bunch of leaves, tree leaves. There is a car above those leaves, red car. It's like a Lamborghini. In the background area there are two trees. That tress is very bushy so it covers most of the background area. The car is like an inch away from both sides of the picture. It's outdoors of course. The front of the car is flat. The leaves are small and mostly brown. The light beaming down on the car coming from the bright and powerful sunlight, striking once again to prove that no other light can be brighter. The oval shapes of these leave made the surrounding feel a lot different then it used to. Where did that car come from? It’s just there out in the wilderness all by itself taking up all the tropical breezes and rain, but still no damage done as if the car cant be touched. It’s rare not something you see everyday a stranded car not need for rescue, but what if the car need that rescue no one would care. When you see a car you knew that 3 ton metal on wheels. People always expect a person to be there. Not today there isn’t there is just a car.

One day I got a present it was very important to me. Red ropes and Black ropes they all were there. That ring they fight the one where all the dirty mess happened hand to hand combat, foot to foot combat. It’s weird how you can lose one of those ropes in just a blink of an eye. It was there i tell you it was there i remember it and up to this day I wonder where it went. I cant believe I lost that rope now all i have a hard mattress for those sweaty men to wrestle on. I looked for that rope forever I couldn’t find it, but i wonder where that rope would've gone. The picture of that ring was not complete without that rope it didn’t make sense to have that piece missing. With all the digging and searching I’ve done for that rope. Boxes and boxes i went through looking. When you can’t find that missing piece the set fells empty the present feels empty.

Did you ever get a present for Christmas? Then it broke that day, how did you feel. Let me tell you about my gift. Wrapped in red and green paper so fragile. First the tape then the wrapper off it went flying, into the air floating to the ground. A bright light shined out of the box. I dug my hands in there and took out that bright light. The light dimmed down and I saw it my present 4 wings custom paint it was there. I wondered what did I do to deserve that gift. I also didn’t want to argue with it. A box with an antenna was used to control as it hovered into the area. Of course I didn’t know how to use it so it hit the hard floor above you. SMACK. My mouth dropped just like my gift in my eyes it fell so slow like a movie when they make a dramatic scene. SWOOSH and that was it. I tried to fix it, tape I thought to fix those four beautiful wings. Once I was finished I felt success. An eager smile went across my face.