Oh Hey, It's Spanishl!

The purpose of this project was to teach Noah different Spanish phrases that would be valuable to know while living in Spain. The goals for this tutorial should teach you how to use verbs in the past and present tense, and how to order something from a restaurant. Another goal for the video was to make it understandable and easy to follow. So that when communicating with someone who speaks Spanish he would be able to break down and understand what they are saying.  We reached our goals by explaining the basic phrases and writing them out so that Noah could have both visual and audio to remember the phrases. Also we performed different scenes and explained what each person said so that he could get a clear understanding of what to say when put on those situations. For example when at a restaurant and he has to order food. In our final product our group is most proud of the amount of information we used in each or explanations on how to say a phrase in Spanish. If we had the chance to do this project over again we would probably just film our scenes in different places.   Some questions that we would have for Noah are if he learned anything from our tutorial and if he is enjoying life in Spain.