One Independent Reading Review Project

My book review of Monster by Walter Dean Myers 

Roger Bracy                                                                                                            1/11/11

Book Review


            The book I read this semester was Monster by Walter Dean Myers. This book has won many awards such as:

·                Coretta Scott King Honor (Author)

·                ALA Best Book for Young Adults

·                ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

·                Kentucky Bluegrass Award

·                ALA Best Book for Young Adults

·                ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

·                New York Times Notable Book of the Year


The story of Monster follows the court trial of Steve Harmon and James King, Who are being charged with the murder of drugstore owner. The story is told as if it were a movie from Steve’s point of view. This Murder was not Steve’s fault, but because he was near the crime scene as a supposed look out Steve was found in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the movie rolls on the life of Steve goes with it, seeing that when the trial end for the day he goes back to the cell where he feels uncomfortable and doubts himself in a way that he mite loose this trial.

The main conflict was between Steve and him self as he dealt with the fact that he was being labeled a monster. Steve didn’t want to believe that he was monster, but the fact he watched out as a James took another persons life must have been hard to swallow. Even though the conflict still is still in his head, Steve sets morals for himself to become a better person after this trial. Unluckily, James is charged with murder and Steve is sent out to begin his new life.

  My favorite character throughout this story was Steve Harmon, he shows the strength and courage to believe that he is not something that people label him as, a monster. That shows that the moral of this was just that, if people label you as something, would you let people decide who are; or will you decide who you become? I could relate to Steve the best because he went through something that I

 Have dealt with when I was in grade school, I was stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            I would recommend this book because Walter Dean Myers is a good auther and can relate his topic with many people.