One point perspective

a. What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before? I learned how the vanishing point works and what a vanishing point was because before I had never heard of what that was before Floor Line and ceiling Line was and how it affects my drawing.

b. How did leaning this thing make your drawings better?

The floor line made my drawing look like it was 3 denominational so it gave it a better look the for the windows chairs desks it gave the drawing that illusion. 

c. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently? I would erase every thing and I would take my time get a bigger ruler to make perfect lines I would start from top to bottom.

d. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

Take your time listen to your teacher and make sure that if you do make a  mistake its not the end of the world erase it and learn fro  your mistake no ones is perfect first time I know mine was not.

e. What resource helped you the most and why?

I think the drawing that was posted online because it gave us a feel of what it need to look like and how we where supposed to make it and having that helped me alot