One Slide Presentation

One slide presentation - Ethan McLeer (1)
From the critique of my slide, I learned that I probably shouldn't bleed pictures off of the page, and should definitely take out most of my text. My first biggest change was to take out most of my text. Before, the text overwhelmed my slide and made the whole thing unbalanced.
The research that I did explained that a little is a lot. I tried to implement this into my slide everywhere possible. I also tried to reduce the amount of color I used in this slide to make things pop more. One source that I used that really helped me rebuild my slide was a website called This website has many helpful tips for building an attractive slide.
In conclusion, I fixed the issues with my slide and hopefully made my slide look lots better.A good looking slide can be very helpful in the real world. It can be the difference from you getting a job or not or passing that final project.