One Slide Remake- Yasir Thomas

IntroTech- 1 Slide Remake (2)
I learned that I shouldn’t have a lot of pictures crowding my slides. People told that words were hard to read and that the quote should be bigger. Also, either all of the pictures should be rotated or none of them should. I didn’t have to put as much stuff on my slide as I needed to at all.
I started from scratch again with my slide because I used too much space on my slide. I also didn’t use any of the rules that I researched on my slide either. This time I used less space than what I did the first time. I took out all of my pictures and only put one this time. I still used my quote and my name. Another thing that I changed was the font of my name and quote.
The research helped me to use bigger font sizes and more professional fonts. I also tried to use the contrast rules and rule of the thirds. Then I used empty space on the sides of my slide around the text. The sources that I used were Elements of Design Defined, Presentation Zen, and Slide Design Link.