Owning A Business

​I interviewed my parents about running their own businesses, and how they got to where they are today. I interviewed my dad about selling a new organic fertilizer to farmers all over the country. I also interviewed my mom who is an artist who has owned her own business for a long time. I found out lots of information about the struggles and the best parts to running a business. 
Crossing boundaries to me is challenging the status quo or typical social norms. My parents demonstrate challenging the status quo by having jobs that are not by any means normal, not doing a job that they feel will pay them the most money, and by putting a lot at risk having those jobs. Some could argue that they're challenging it by loving their job because many people throughout the world hate their jobs. The interview experience was very smooth. My parents gave terrific answers to my questions and it was helpful. I learned about the steps both of them took towards where they are today. With this project at first I was really nervous because I had never used Garage Band or any other type of audio editing software. I personally hating using garage band, but thought I learned a new valuable skill. It frustrated me deeply at first with editing because I was so uncertain and very unorganized. I think that we could've used a one class tutorial on how to use Garage Band because it took me awhile to adjust.