As we all have heard before, the ozone is disappearing. What is the ozone? The ozone makes up 90%+ Of the stratosphere. This protective layer filters out harmful UV rays that can potentially kill any living thing. As the ozone disappears, we are have a more likely chance of getting hit by harmful UV rays. But there is hope! After a quick search around the internet, there are reports that state that the ozone is no longer disappearing but actually rebuilding itself. It should be completely back to normal. But it will take a couple of years. This might be around 2078.

Waking up in the morning, I took the time to look out the window and saw trash everywhere. Looking back at my calendar, I slowly realized it wasn't trash day. All the trash outside just fortified my assumption. Littering was the answer for all the trash being everywhere. It wasn't just a piece  of paper here or there. It was little mole hills everywhere with all sorts of things. All these little mole hills of trash, decay and make toxins that destroy the Ozone layer.