3 papers

Life is Wonderful and Grand!
Can one hold it in the palm of their hand?
Can life be as calm as the sea?
Can life be in the swaying flowers we see?
Life - Beautiful and Bold!
Can life have any stories untold?
Can the young be more wise than the old?
Can life be more valuable than gold?
Life is Careless and Mean!
Can there really be a superior being?
Can beauty under the skin be seen?
Can world peace only be a dream?
Life is Meaningless and Blue!
Is is possible to walk a mile in someone's shoe?
Under the sun can anything be new?
Can any love really be true?
Life is Loving and Free!
Can the joys of life flow through you and me?

My cousins dropped out of skool cuz its hard to study and their attention span was way too short.. Its flabbergasting as i see their attention span expanding…. As they study the every movement of women with the fat a** are walkingggg by ….. Not accomplishing anything and barley passing at life …. they say life is to hard and they pass thats why they take a puff puff and pass …. Inhaling the vapors and swallowing the gas thats kill their a**… This is believed to be true of all black society …. So sometimes i wish a spell would come and render me unconscious and peal back my skin so you can see inside me … Swim around in my thoughts and drown in my dreams… So look and see im different from what people depict of society … Now I say people are the down fall of this society … snorting powders , popping pills, and inhaling vapors that takes away our sanity… Madness made us believe slavery was abolished and is history. Like a man with a stutter history has a way of repeating itself. Every-time our fingers cramp on that trigger or take a puff of that weed we are enslaved but we are beating ourselves.