Passion, Information, and Change: Me and MS

How has MS affected the people around you

For my Passion, Information, and Change: You and the World project I wanted you introduce my class to the MS society. This is an important topic to me because my Mom has MS and its not just affecting her and her health its affecting my entire family I feel like out of everyone in my family it has its biggest toll on me. I couldn't imagine life without my mom, she has always been there and some advanced stages of MS can lead to the person losing their ability to control their movement. Some of the issues is that many Doctors and Scientist don’t have a cure for this disease and in advance stages people are at risk of losing their lives.

My Mom, Nikki has MS as well as my 5th grade teacher, her MS is affecting her spinal cord and I’m very nervous as to what can happen. I’ve seen my mom in pain many times and it upsetting to see the one you love the most in pain. My fear is that her condition might get worse and that she’ll end up losing the ability to move. I don’t want to see my mom like that, seeing what she goes though now is already unbearable. MS is a disease where the immune system eats away the protective cover for the nerves which can cause damage to the nerves obviously. MS affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. MS can affect the Brain, the Spinal Cord and the Optic Nerves, In my mom case MS is affecting her Brain.

When Doctors did an MRI in 2008 they found out that she has white spots on her Brain and she has really bad Migraines, she sometimes feels very weak and has tingling in her foot things like that. They diagnosed her with MS. I was only 7 at the time and didn't really understand what the problem was with my mom, I just knew that she was very sick. Me, My Mom, and my little brother been taking part in fundraisers that they organize during the summer and if you take part in the action they will usually give you an orange cross with is the symbol of MS. I believe that this is Important for people to know because I think that learning about this information and sharing it to others can maybe have an effect on them and maybe one day they can find a cure for MS to help the millions of people who have it, such as my mom. They have many Medication to help treat MS but all of them are though IV and my mom actually goes to the doctor once a month and gets her Medicine. She has to take a lot of pills to help her with the symptoms.

I have many questions that I would hopefully get an answer to one day. I just wonder why and how people get MS and where does it comes from. I know that its not transferable so thats a good thing. Like my mom I sometimes get bad migraines and I went to doctors don't be worried they just said I need to wear my glasses because I'm straining my eyes to see. Im wondering what I could do to help my mom and help her though this. I left some Links at the bottom, hope you guys check them out.

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The Image above is like an overview of how a damaged nerve cover called the Myelin looks and the normal Nerve Myelin. 
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