PCB Poisoning- AMillatt, JHinton, MMarant

a. What went well? 
I feel that we did a good job collecting different sources about our topic. We also did well communicating how to display this on our visual. 

b. What did not? 
A few times, there were a few communication disputes, but they were quickly resolved. Other than that, I feel that we were pretty successful. 

c. What would you do differently next time? 
For me, I feel that if we did the infographic on a site that all of us could edit on, everyone would be able to take part in actually working on the visual, instead of having it on one computer, and having one person actually put it together.

d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -

Be Concise : We provided different information, and it was brief. 

Be Visual: We did well using different graphics to display information we learned.

Be Smarter : The design of the visual is clever, and smart. 

Be Transparent : It's clear to interpret the idea, and topic of the visual, without much background information given. It gets straight to the point about the issue. 

Be Different : I think it is different, because we included different colors, and objects to portray the issue that we researched. 

Be Accurate : All of the information that is given, was fully researched, so nothing is false. 

Be Attractive : Our visual is quite attractive. 

Be Varied : We included different elements, and numbers used in the visual.

Be Gracious

Be Creative : The visual is creative with how we display the information, and how the visual is organized. 

Which of these areas did you excel in? Which were not so well represented? Why do you think some elements of design were easier or harder to include in the end product?

I think we excelled in "Be Creative", "Be Visual", and "Be Accurate".