Personal essay Tyler Creighton

Tyler Creighton

Life learned lesson about the world


Don’t regret it


“Tyler you have an early dismissal”

I wonder why I’m leaving early with out no reason?

Where am I going, what’s going on, is this bad or good?

All I see is rooms, no color, just white.

White walls, white tiles, white lights, and grey people.

Everything looks sick, I walk with my head hanging so low my chin feels like it’s burning from scraping the floor. Sounds all around talking, wheezing, sneezing coughing, laughing, crying, screaming, ambulances, and me. Smells wavier around my nose as I cough because of this deadly awful smell’s. I looked up at my father with swollen tears in my eyes, waiting to burst. “You know why were here right”.” No” I said waiting for some bad news.” Fallow me to room 603”. We arrive at the room and all I see is one room at the end of this everlasting hall. The door was slightly cracked. When I opened the door, all I could see was a sheet that had no color all white and three grey people. I pulled back the sheet and I saw was.


Those swollen tears slowly burst and began running down my cheeks releasing a roar of mixed emotions. All I could see was my mother lying there. My heart shriveled in a tiny little ball and demolished. Her face pale, her hair bland, and her body weak.


I always new something was wrong but didn’t bother to ask. Always-another bottle full of pills in the medicine cabinet.” Mom what this for” Oh nothing just ignore it”, is always how that went. 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and eventually 7.Sevens way to many to just ignore.

 I want to know what’s going on, so I begin to research what are these what are they are for? Nothing. Eventually I gave up.



Morning drives to the doctor’s office. Long waits in the waiting rooms. Papers prescriptions and worry. I’m still lost, wondering what are all these things for, why was doing this. This life isn’t our normal life. No one seems happy. The floors in our home seem cold, the air feels hot, and nothing is comfortable, as if the house is trying to tell me something, as if the house just wants to wants to open its vents as a mouth and tell me there’s something going on. Why is everything so different? The cat won’t sleep in my parent’s bed. He’s awake all day by my mother’s side like a miniature guard dog waiting for something to go wrong.


A few weeks go by and everything is fine. Until June 19th everything was going wrong. From the morning to that visit. As soon as I walked out the house that morning I knew it wasn’t my day. It all started at 8:00am. My hair wasn’t working and my curls fell, 9:00am I was rushing trying to finish homework, 10:00’o clock, I found out that I got an F on a test, and just told my mother I was sorry for everything I said that very morning while I was acting like a brat. Things were running through my mind that I very much regretted. And I just didn’t know how to take these things back.


But by time I figured I needed to fix these things, it was too late. And there I am shoulders slump; chin hanging, with my lips so low they look like I had weights attached to them. But I know from being there and seeing that I learned something. This is something I call a life lesson.


Life is too short for regrets. So don’t do anything you might regret because something or someone could be there and then there not. After experiencing this I have looked at the world in a totally different way. I don’t have many attitudes anymore because I felt like crap after doing that to my mother and many other people. Life is like a speeding car it goes by so fast by time you look to see the license plate that car is gone. I will never forget this. This was a warning, but next time I’ll catch that speeding license plate before its too late.