For this project we started with just a few boxes and finished off with a mini version of the classroom walls. The boxes we made helped us in making the few changes the the walls that required making it final to look 3d. For example, when we the doors we had to take in from making the 3d room with vanishing point in able to make the end of the door seem like it comes out. As the same with the windows and the wall. In able to begin we had to find out where our vanishing point was, the vanishing point is the exact middle of the square. From there the vanishing point worked on its on. The easiest part to learn was making the objects come alive. As in actually making the doors and windows seem real. The hardest part to learn was to know when were the correct moments to use the vanishing point and when not to. 

Victoria Odom

Victoria Odom's drawing shows there is much effort put into it and also shows her understandings. She was able to do more than just the walls but also she was able to add in the tables and sofa that are in the room. Also Victoria Odom and I chose the same wall so we both were able to help each other out to enrich our drawings. You can see that Victoria Odom understood well how to use her vanishing point by the way the room is laid out. 

My Drawing:
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art, Drawing