​This project started with a simple horizon line with a vanishing point. We then drew boxes coming out from the vanishing point. After the boxes were drawn we shaded the sides to show which sides you should be able to see. The next drawing we did was a sample room. In the first class we learned how to draw walls and a door. From there we learned how to draw the basics that fill a room. A couple classes later we began our benchmark drawing which is what is in the picture. The goal of this drawing was to draw the room from one point perspective. We were suppose to focus mainly on one wall and then fill it the rest of the room from that view point.

This for me wasn't to hard to learn. I had a lot of fun drawing the room and learning how to draw realistically. The hardest thing for me was how to draw the lights. I really couldn't figure out how to make them look realistic. The easiest and funnest thing for me was drawing the windows and blinds. I feel really proud of how the windowsill pops out. 

Phoenix Ward's drawing is extremely detailed. He has so many things in the room so you can tell that it is the room we were in and all of those objects line up with the vanishing point.

Photo on 2011-04-13 at 22.31 #2
Photo on 2011-04-13 at 22.31 #2