Philadelphia Curfew

    I am lobbying against the age restriction of curfew in Philadelphia. I feel as though the ages should not be under 18 because that affects a lot of teenagers that do have jobs out there. For example all of the 17 year old that have jobs out there and are done at 11 pm at night or later.
    I want to investigate on this a little more because I feel as though its not right and since one group of kids wanted to cause a ruckus not everyone should have to suffer for their actions. I feel as the the age should be 17 for the curfew because not only are 17 year olds working but they are also young adults. I feel as though if I was to bring this up to someone and continued to try and make these changes I would have a good amount of supports, not only the teens that work late at night, but also parents of these kids. I don't feel as though teenagers should be penalized for the mistake of a group of teenagers who have nothing to do better with their lives but cause ruckus.
    A lot of people might think that I am foolish for trying to bring the age down for these teenagers but I feel as though nowadays seventeen year olds should know their right from wrong. That's why I was stating that they would at least give it a try and trust that these teenagers in Philadelphia wouldn't make me regret trying to change the age for them. If this was to be changed and these teens were still disobeying the law that their would be precautions. That's one thing that I completely agree with the curfew law, and that's the punishments that kids and teens would get if they broke the rule. For example if this law was to be broken by a child or yours for example you, the parent would be fined with a bill. It states that if the law was broken parents can face a fine up to $500. Now that should make parents more informed on how serious this law is being taken.