Philly Love Letter


Sports fan, student, computer nerd.


Dear Philly,

Although sometimes my friends hate you, you have never been bad to me. There are many different reasons to love you and the things that are offered. I got to say my favorite people are the sports fans of the different Philly teams. I feel like many people say the fans are the worst, I say they are the best because they pressure the teams of our city to do the right things and give them a piece of there mind. Communication between the team and the fans is important, additionally they are always working to get into the head of the players letting them know if they are doing good or bad. Some other things about the city are all the different areas you have, I live in chestnut hill go to school in Center City and my school plays baseball in south Philly. I get to experience all the different people that you contain, the stories that I can tell when I am old will be great. Also you are in the right place you are close to the beach the mountain's and can do just about anything with in a 2 hour drive, including amusement parks. You have some weird traditions that I do not take place in, but having the window open for when I am older is great. Your dear friend septa is not appreciated by many, but I cannot complain, I have many stories to tell and don't have to go to school when the train breaks down, I meet many different types of people on the train ride to school, but tend not to talk to strangers. I love to ride the Broad Street Line when going to games it makes the game that much better, and people will be chanting for their team before the game starts, and after all the drunks get on the train and many good stories to tell.