These are the pictures that I chose to show you. None of them are edited, because I felt comfortable and I thought they were already pretty good without having to be edited. The one of the hat, is probably my favorite, because it was an accident. I was at a concert in the middle of a mosh pit and my arm got hit mid shot and that's what I ended up capturing. So I thought that was pretty cool. Three of the  pictures, are from when I was in New York City. Its my favorite place, so I thought I'd share the pictures that I could get off my camera. I'll probably end up doing some before and after pictures, maybe play with the lighting some...but for now I just wanted to put some of them up.
Times Square
World of Disney Store


Drawing By A Famous Artist:

Photo on 2011-06-04 at 14.51

This is the drawing that I did, I tried to re-do a drawing by Alex Pardee. This is the heart off The Used album In Love And Death. It's one of my favorite albums by them, and I absolutely love the album cover. The problem that I have, is I don't give myself enough space when I draw. I'll draw to close to the edge of the paper, or I'll just draw to big to where I'll have to cut parts out of my drawings. This sadly happened when I was trying to do the album cover.
As you can see by looking at their album cover, the heart is ha nging by a old tree, I wasn't able to include that in my drawing because I didn't give myself enough room to work. I was going to start over , but I thought that this turned out really well...for not being exactly what I wanted. Alex Pardee is one of my favorite artist. I love his style so much, and I only wish that one day I can be as good as him. So I've been practicing a lot lately draw ing in his style.

Bike Drawings:
Photo on 2011-06-04 at 15.52
This is my line drawing of the bike that you gave us to draw in the art room. It's not finished, and  left out some details like the little light that was on the front wheel and what i think might of been a bike lock on the body of the bike. I found this both easy and challenging at the same time. I'm not very good with drawing lines, because they never come out looking straight...but the actual bike wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Photo on 2011-06-04 at 16.07
This was my attempt at a negative space bike. I'm not sure if I even did it right, because I never did one before. If I did, then I think it's kind of similar to line drawings. just you're drawing the spaces around the bike.