10 Photo Essay of Globalization in Philly

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    What I found most challenging was writing about the connections between the image and a theme. I tried to branch out and have a varied collection to talk about so that it is not all the same things as everybody else. Plus writing in general is not something I'm best at so it was really hard to get started on the two paragraph explanations and have them be deep, meaningful, and insightful. When I first thought about this project I tried to get images that I knew I would go past on my everyday routine and try to find a deep connection to globalization with it. So for the first week I woud look very carefully at my surroundings and try to pick out stuff that nobody would really think twice at in regards to globalization then I went around having a regular camera, my phone camera and some pictures that I got from friends because I enlisted their help with gathering all the photos I needed. Personally my favorite image is the one of my dog. I love her so much that it scares my parents when I hug her because I may just squeeze to tight and pop her head off. Anybody that has seen me with my dog can guarantee that I love her the most and that she is my favorite being in the whole world. I learned a lot about the background of a lot of things and how there is a heck of a lot more globalizing going around then what I previously thought there was.