Picher Lead Contamination- Sam Lovett-Perkins, Sasha Sapp, Tenzin Ngawang

This is a info graphic that shows the lead contamination in Picher Oklahoma, considered by some to be one of the top ten of man made environmental disasters in America. During process, each of our group members worked well together. We all stuck to our timelines and shared the work evenly. Personally I am content with the final product and how the work was divided. One thing that didn't go well was the information. The information we have is good but I feel we could have looked for more factual information and made graphs with it. One future consideration would be adding more graphs and numerical information to replace the words, the kind of statistics that speak for themselves. There are many important qualities in in effective infographics. A couple of these included being concise, visual, smart, transparent, different, accurate, attractive, varied, gracious and creative. Our end product has many of these contributes. It is visual and transparent, in a way that it is well organized but not boring. For example the whole thing was about mining and much of the information is under the shadow of a town that shows creativity and reinforces the situation. Easily organized for the viewer to view. For information, our statistics are accurate and on ThinkLink.com they are cited. A couple of contributes we did not show as well, were gracious and varied. It's hard to be particularly gracious in this situation, finding a balance between showing sympathy for the those effected by the situation and stating the hard core facts about what happened, and we could have chosen more mediums for our information. Overall though, I am pleased with our final product.