Pierce Meier Capstone


   This is an Idea for a story I have been writing since Christmas of 2013. It has gone through many changes and it's meant to be a movie type of story. What I am presenting to to you is a brief description of the universe it takes place in the society of the place, charters, etc. This is still in the works so if anything looks like it needs to be fixed I’m sorry about that.

Harmony And Discord

Note: “Harmony And Discord” is still in development

The plot may not be finished and characters need worked on

If you have question please feel free to email me at pmeier@scienceleadership.org

Major Characters

Charles DeVon (Hero): Is a young intelligent man who has been training under his mentor and father figure Marcus and has been training to become a Knight and to Fill his father Grand Knight Title. He was raced by his mother until she died when he was 5 and Marcus has raced him ever since his mother's death. At times it's hard for him to control his rage for “betrayer” that he is responsible for the death of his father. He also has the fear of losing the one he is close to and will do anything to protect them and let someone die because of him

Rachael (Warrior): Is Young Woman who grew up with charles and has been being trained by Charles to become a Knight and is very intelligent person beyond her years and has a very love passion for love and peace to the world. She was raced by her mother along with her younger brother.

Marcus Johnson (Mentor): Is an old very wise man at age 50. He is one of the last Knight masters to survive the “Knight Purge”. He was the student of Grand White Knight Daniel DeVon IV. For 20 years has avoided capture but the Empire but his hopes are that Charles can bring back peace to the world.

Jennifer DeVon (Damsel): Is the half sister of Charles DeVon. She is the last family charles has and has been on her own with her brother in Union City for 3 years. She is 2 years younger that charles

Minor Characters

Betrayer: He is the one who had started the “Knight Purge” and is the leading general in the Cusentent Army. he also is one of the grand knights that has the trait and uses his power to do what he calls good but in reality he is doing horrible things to other countries and his own people.


Pre-Union Era: Empires ruled the lands of the continent and ended into a grand wars between the big empires which ended in death and destruction killing millions of people. The Knights were divided on what side they were on 16 grand knights fought 15 of them were killed only 1 was left to live

Union Era: The Grand Knight established a peace organization to prevent another Grand war, all the empires were dissolved and became independent countries. an Island on the Grand river was named Union City and the place where the union congress would talk out issues happening in the world. the system lasted for 1000 years

Rise Of The Empire Era: The “Betrayer” helped bring an end to the Union and started with the purge of the Knight Peace Corp and came to an end with his followers invading Union City and taking down the flag of the Union. Grand Knight Daniel DeVon IV attempted to kill him and stop him from seizing control but Daniel's fate was unknown but many think he died after and had no children and the Grand Knight Cycle was broken. The Union fell and the “ Betrayer” got control and wanted to expand his power

Empire Era (plot): The Empire started to expand into the former union countries

The Grand War

In the beginning there was war between 8 knights of white, 8 knights of dark with the whole continent at war. In the end each Knight fell, 1 was left to live by the gods and the dead and the goddess Harmony gave a stone to the knight known as the resurrection stone.True peace we come when a Grand Knight open the Grand Knight chamber and learn the shadows of the past and will bring back the light of peace and close the suffering of the past. the suffering had been brought upon by the fighting between the goods fighting over power. The Goddess Harmony and the God Discord both want control over the mortal world so this was was a result of this.


Harmony: She is the goddess of wisdom and intelligence.  She is very clever with her fights. She has been trying to get complete power in the mortal world for 2500 years.

Discord: He is the god of Power and war. He uses force and power to get what he wants. He has been trying to get complete power in the mortal world for 2500 years.

Both Gods have fought power and has used mortals as pawns in this game in with this lead to the grand war. in with the goddess gave one mortal god like powers and used in to put the mortal world back to peace. this was a knight and he told the goddess that he serves his people not the god or the goddess because of what the world had come to because of this conflict.

Plot Outline

The empire has expanded in the north trying to put down multiple countries. Our hero Charles is a soldier for hire in Union City. He has been on his own with his sister for 3 years now. He gets hired by a group to take a out the musket  Manufacturing shops. This is a dangerous job but this is how he brings income for him and his sister. after he completes the job he returns to the group's Headquarters and finds out that they are spies from the northern countries trying to weaken the empires supplies. they ask Charles to join him, he does not know and says no the offer and as he is leaving a woman's voice yells his name. He turns to see it's a woman that recognizes, its Rachel. Rachel is a woman that trained with him. she tells him why he should join but still refuses the offer but as he leaves she says “we need someone else on the next job”

this is the audio that explains what's on this doc and gives you more in depth about this



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This gave me how the elements help Star Wars became a story so im looking the elements that help it and use it to form the elements in my story


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This is a format that can help me get the story i'm trying to tell form


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