Pipeline Monologue Project

​Intro Paragraph: Within this project, my goal was to show each characters opinions' and perspectives' about the Keystone XL pipeline. I spoke through the characters to express real emotion and the emotions that would be expected. For example, when writing from water's perspective, I was able to imagine some of the properties. This was possible by acting as if water were a man.


The Beginning to Change


Bill Mckibben walks to the podium           


This is my first speech as an environmentalist. The white paper in my hand was folded into a square and had about one hundred fifty black words on it. It is shaking as if it was a table and my hand was an earthquake. I couldn’t help but think that this could be the beginning to our earth diminishing or it being saved.  The actual power is in the hands of President Obama but the people of the United States influences his decisions. I could influence theirs. After finally unfolding the paper, it looked as if the words were blurred. I couldn’t ready anything. This is just my imagination. Images of clear lakes and no pipeline signs were in front of me drawn onto cardboard in front of the white house. These people want change. I could be the voice of reason.  The nervousness left me.

I stood tall and said:

“It is the second largest pool of carbon on Earth. It is tar sands, which are oil sands. The main component of this oil would be bitumen. Bitumen is the most toxic form of petroleum, which is called tar. This is a form of crude oil. Last year alone, theses tar sands had 12 spills. This pipeline is predicted to go from Canada to Texas. What happens if another spill occurs and it goes into the ocean or another water supply area? Then what happens if we drink this water?”. “We have lost the battle for the last 10 years to for anything about greenhouse gasses. The process of refining this crude oil needs natural gas. In return, refining the tar sands oil apposed to regular conventional oil causes more greenhouse gas emissions. We shouldn’t use the pipeline. There are too many issues that could arise because of it. We have to take global warming seriously.” Finishing and feeling successful I folded my paper up and put it into the inside of my jacket pocket. The crowd cheered and clapped as I walked off the stage. This is the begging to change.

Future Leaders

Here I am, walking to another class full of students in the middle of the first quarter. My old class was a group of unwilling to learn students. They would sit in their chairs like zombies and say nothing. No one raised his or her hand. Instead they sat holding their phone underneath a desk texting someone across the room or writing notes about me and passing it to the person in front of them. My new room, 304, had my name carved into a wooden plate with gold lettering.  After opening the door, I was greeted with blank unwelcoming faces.


She grabs her lesson plan out of her purse


 “My name is Mrs. Lou. Today we are going to be discussing the Tar Sands pipeline. In Alberta, Canada, there are Tar Sands. These sands produce toxic and thick oil. The United States is trying to refine and clean the oil so that we can use it in things such as cars. To do this, they are sending a pipeline from Canada to Texas. The problem with this idea is that the oil that would go through the pipeline is too thick. Therefore, it would have to be heated up as it was going through. That just makes us more prone for danger such as the oil leaking. Also the oil is too acidic to transport safely in the pipelines. The same kind of oil that was spilled into the Kalamazoo River last year has the same viscosity of the Tar sands oil. The oil sunk to the bottom of the river and is no longer retrievable”.

The kids in front of me are actually starting to pay attention. Instead of slouching in their seats they were sitting up straight. I could also tell that some of them were trying to raise their hand ad voice their opinions like leaders.

“ The pros of the pipeline would be that it could create jobs for Americans, give us more oil, and allow us not to rely on other countries for oil”. I ended. “ I can see that some of you would like to voice your opinions, write your name on the board in one of the categories, for or against”. The kids immediately got up. Most of them were standing in line to write their names on the left side, against. I am glad that they agree with me.

If you don’t, I will


My name is Niagara. My children Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior are the people I care most about. We have our own type of family flow. We understand each other’s problems. I travel around the continent to visit their houses all the time. We support each other because we are a family. I would never leave them in the dust.

The United States is planning on putting a pipeline from Canada to Texas. It’s supposedly going to carry this toxic and crude oil so that they could refine it. Politicians talk about how we are going to be okay because the pipe is not supposed to leak. Do they not remember what happened to my cousin Kalamazoo? His whole house was covered in oil because of an oil leak that was “not supposed to happen” but did about twelve times. Now, he has oil in his basement that he can’t get out. Do they not remember my cousin Gulf? Last year she has approximately 4.9 million barrels of crude oil spilt into her home. It didn’t just affect her, but it affected the animals that lived with her.

What happens if the oil from these pipes leaks out? This could immediately affect my son Superior and daughter Michigan. It could also affect the people who use this water to drink and put into bottles. Why would they do something like this? President Obama can make the decision to put my family at risk or protect us. Just in case, I have to call my family and tell them to brace themselves for the worst and hope for the best.