Pipeline Monologue Project

In this unit of study, we learned about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and different view points of people and how they felt. Also, along with the unit we learned what a monologue was, and the different type of tips that should make up a monologue. We wrote three monologues incorporating information about the pipeline, climate change, or anything related to the topic of the pipeline and we used the different view points of the people to make our characters unique. I finally learned what a monologue actually was, and it had made a stronger writer. Now, I'm also up to date with some current events.

a) The pipeline is running from Hardisty, Alberta
, and going South to Steele City, running 1179 miles.(TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline)

b) "And I think that's so important, that we need to realize that, first, we don't give rights to nature. Nature has rights... nature's rights and people's rights are allied as one in most places of the world, where, in places like Jaitapur or places like POSCO area, people are saying, "This land is our mother."...It's the most relevant, potent, democratic idea of our times.(Vandana Shiva on "Democracy Now") 

c) The proposed pipeline is about $7 billion, that will carry "tar sands."(PBS on the Keystone XL Pipeline)

d) "The mind shift is that we are a species like any other and that we will not survive unless we place our rights in tandem with the rights of the earth, and then we understand that we come from the earth. Everything we have, everything we eat, everything we touch comes from the earth..."(Maude Barlow on "Democracy Now")

e) "The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world -- we've actually been on the way for quite a while..." (joannamacy.org)

What a Shame

(Cruising through the Earth, and abruptly stopped by workers talking about building the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline) Oh, what is this I see? Aww, how cute. Humans just creating machinery, how innovative they are now a days. As long as they aren’t hurting me, and my fellow gods and goddesses.

Wait.. Wait.. What is this I see? It appears to be not what I thought. Refining how much oil, how long? Oh gosh, this is a disgrace. I thought humans were smarter and eco-friendlier than this! (angry, thrashes arms which starts an earthquake) This is MY land! I am the greek goddess, Gaia! Earth is my home, earth is my place to be! All these people in the world just think they ought to trash an item on the ground, dig up trees, hurt the environment, and never think twice about this finite world! (Exasperated, rapid hand gestures) All these thriving people with their dirty jobs, do people not know who I am? Do people not know thee consequences? The ignorance the human race has come to, yet I still take so much pity on them. They all rely on me, and soon I will die if things don’t change.

Through all the pains the people have put me through, the worst of all has to be when people extract oil, dig, or plant harmful machines from and into my bones. This pipeline is taking up 1179 miles of my body! The oil in the ground is meant to stay there, not have 830,000 barrels refined every minute of every day. On a deep mind level, these people know it is wrong but they do not care because they will die out before I die out. (sighs) I am living too, yet they all forget. This climate does not just keep getting hotter by itself. With help from those humans, it is and shall just get worse. These humans think the earth is just “naturally” getting higher, and there’s only some global effect to it. You are polluting my husband’s air, Uranus, this is not fair!

Am I just some unknown creature these people don’t care about it? I can feel the pain, with each drill. Oh, I am light headed from all the pressure. I can not stand this anymore. Irrational thoughts of these people have me feeling so low, and I don’t feel so well. The ignorance is too much to bare!

The Pipeline is a NO

(Waits around, pacing in her room on the cell phone) “Hey… Hello Betty? ...Yeah hi! ...No no, I’m just checking in. (Uses hand gestures)It’s friday, and I know we usually talk on Monday’s at 2, but I just couldn’t wait. I’ll even pay you an extra hours worth. Yeah I know you’re busy, but I promise this is important. Just give me some time... Really? ...You’re going to do that for me? Thanks, thanks, you’re the best! I just need to get this off my chest.”

“I know I keep dwelling on this same topic, but I can’t help feeling sorry for myself. I’m all alone, with just my kid. He means the world to me, but every time I look into those ocean deep, blue eyes, it just reminds me of his father. It’s hard enough I can’t keep a steady job, and without money I can’t provide. (Angry) No. NOO. That’s not an option. There is no way I’m going to apply for a job at Keystone XL. (exasperated)You’re supposed to be the supporter here, and you go out and suggest some crap like that? This is the whole cause of my depression! Life is grabbing me at the throat and I can never catch a break. Oh, all of a sudden you’re busy? Oh I see how it is, Betty. Okay, fine, whatever. Bye(Hangs up phone).”

“(Mutters to herself, pacing around the room again)What a shitty thing to say. Suggesting I work for the pipeline. It’s like she doesn’t know me… Well, maybe I overreacted. Oh god… Maybe I should call back and apologize. Yeah yeah, that’s what i’ll do(dials Betty’s number again and lays on bed hearing the constant ring).”

“Hey Betty… Okay, I just wanted to apologize. I’m not in a good state of mind, ya know (hand gestures) with my husband and the pipeline. I just, well, umm, let me just start from the beginning. You know I was truly in love with my husband, and one day he was just gone. I mean, when you suggested working for the pipeline, it just shocked me you would suggest that as a job. I mean I know I need the money and this pipeline is supposedly going to create at least 20,000 new jobs, … but, well I’m just not sure. The Keystone pipeline is terrible for the environment, it’s ugly, and corrosive to this planet. And number one, it killed my husband, outta the blue. I don’t want to subject myself to that, what if I die? What if I die and my precious son has nowhere to live but an orphanage?  My son needs his mama, without a dad, he’s already going to have it tough. Yes, money is a high demand right now, I just don’t see how I can work for this company when even while they’re working, they know it’s harmful for the earth.”

“(Turns to lay on stomach)I just need money though… Well I feel like I’m just talking to myself at this point. I sound like a snob, saying ‘I need money, I need money.” Is this my last resort? Is there any other option for me? I mean, I know I said there was absolutely NO way I would try and work for this company, but now I feel like I can only do this. I guess I should try and apply. I mean I don’t have to take the job. When I hang up, I’m gonna call TransCanada. I don’t have to do my husband’s job, I could just be a coordinator, no danger at all. Alright, I’m probably taking up all the room in your voicemail box. Just call me back, okay? Monday at 2 again? Alright bye, see ya.”

Just a Regular Republican

“(Points finger) You know Molly, ever since Obama became president I thought some of his views were right on. All he wants to do though is make this economy clean, and protect this environment. (Moves hand in a circular motion) I get it, I know, we should protect the Earth we live on but he’s the president for Christ’s sake! Shouldn’t he realize making money is tough now a days and you got to play it rough? Money is money, there aren’t as many jobs due to this shit hole of an economy, and this making of the pipeline will supply jobs! How great is that? (Spreads arms out wide) 20,000 new jobs, and you’re telling me that’s not a good thing? Molly… c’mon, look at it right now, in the present. This pipeline could be the next big thing! It could boost our economy! Now we don’t have to rely on other foreign oil as much as before! All those points against it aren’t set in stone, such as if it leaks, or farming jobs could be lost. Those are (Quotes) “What ifs…” or “Could bes…” (excited)Yeah yeah, I know I just said it could be the next big thing, but still!

I’m just so frustrated with Obama and his term. I voted for him again because I thought he would make some substantial change! Molly! Are you even listening? We live in Texas, and I have yet to see where his views and actions have taken us. This pipeline will be for the betterment of all to whom it concerns. Everyone out here who grows crops, they won’t be affected as much! There are even 57 special safety conditions to be incorporated with the making of the pipeline! Should I write a letter stating my frustration? ...No? Well how else am I going to put in my view points?

Ya know, this country needs some change, and how else will this country run if we just keep putting up with democrats in office? I’m certainly a qualified republican! My facts are true, and I’m over 35! Plus, I was even born here! ...Don’t give me that look, Molly. You know I love good debates and public speaking! How hard could it be? (upset)...You’re really not going to support your own husband? Fine, whatever. I’m just going to follow my dream. These people need to hear from an average republican, living the everyday life as a business man. All I want to do is make a change, to change their minds into supporting the pipeline. This is a good thing, trust me.”