Pipeline project

For this project I learned a lot about the Keystone pipeline that is already trying to be built. I learned that it is for one, one of the biggest political battles currently happening in Washington. It is a proposed extension of the Keystone pipeline, it carries oil to Canada and crosses the border of Canada. It is a $7 billion dollar, 1,179 mile pipeline where they will carry 36 inch crude oil beginning in Hardisty Atlanta. In 2013 Governor Dave Heinman approved TransCanada’s proposed route in Nebraska. It intends to open by 2015 with a capacity to transport 830,000 barrels of oil per day, it is the largest infrastructure project currently proposed in the U.S.

5 key points:

* The estimated 20,000 new jobs ( 5 things to know about the keystone pipeline)

*  Crosses the border of Canada (keystone Xl about the project)

* 1,179 mile, 36 inch crude oil (5 things to know about the keystone pipeline)

* Pollutes drinking water (5 things to know about the keystone pipeline)

* Threatens Environment (keystone xl environment responsibility)

Title: Oh no not another project!

(teacher walks into classroom and sits down on seat)

Good morning kids you have a new project to work on….. It’s about the keystone pipeline…. Don’t get an attitude I’m assigning you a project about it! I told you I was going to do that…. Just because I’m 28 does not mean you can disrespect me! You want to know what the keystone pipeline is…. Ok. No problem it’s a $7 billion dollar, 1,179 mile pipeline where they will carry 36 inch crude oil…. It’s dangerous for the the earth so dont get near it because you could get hurt. It pollutes the water very bad so you can get sick if you get too close to it…. Yea its very bad for the earth. If you are a earth conscious person like me then you will know where i’m coming from….. If you can tell i’m against it…. Have you ever heard of the bluegrass pipeline?.... Oh….. no you haven’t heard of it before…. Ok well all you need to know is that the Bluegrass pipeline can transport flammable natural gas…. Yea I understand your faces of being scared. I would be as well…. People fear that the bluegrass pipeline will threaten water supplies…. Oh why do they fear it?.... Well i’m assuming because as I stated before it pollutes drinking water….. No problem. I’m glad to answer any questions….. Oh that’s right I never discussed what your project will be about did I?.... Oh I didn’t i’m sorry. Your assignment is to look up the keystone pipeline and find out the background information of it and how bad it is for the environment and also the good things that is going to happen due to the pipeline, you can start now in class….. Yes you have a question or a statement?...... Oh go ahead…. It says here something good about the pipeline being built is that they estimate 20,000 new jobs to be made for citizens is that true?..... Yes that would be correct…. Why don’t I want it to be built then?.... Because I feel like being personally safe, and having the environment clean is way more important than jobs even though jobs are good as well….  Ok well the project is due next friday that gives you a week to gather the information and be ready to present….. I will give you the project rubric tomorrow. Have a great day!


(school bells ring for class to end)

Title: Work on the car

(Car mechanic walks in to job)

Man let me tell you about this keystone pipeline guys. (drilling of tools onto a car).... Yea this pipeline is gonna be amazing for us yall…. Oh why?..... Let’s just put it this way there are going to be more jobs for car mechanics which means that there will be more than four of us in this job…. I know right its great!..... Oh you want to know more great things about it…. Let’s see…. (thinks for more information about the pipeline).... Oh yea, you don’t have to depend on another country to get your oil, support significant growth of crude oil production in the United States. Is that it?.... Oh you want to know more…. Ok. It will allow American and Canadian more access to the large refining markets found in American midwest and along the U.S Gulf of Mexico. Another good thing about it being built is that Nebraskans will benefit from tax revenues and spending stimulus from the construction stuff and the first 15 years of operation or the keystone xl pipeline. Also, the level of economic growth wouldn’t have been possible without the keystone pipeline running through the norfolk area….. Hell yea im all for it! Why wouldn’t I? The keystone pipeline is amazing especially for us car mechanics….. Why do I like it so much?!?..... Dude, I thought I just explained it to you why I am so hype about it! (looks frustrated) Once again for the 5th time I like it because it is an amazing opportunity for people to get hired for jobs. Also, the gross sales of used taxes increases and most the jobs will be created during pipeline construction…. Oh you want to know more! (sighs) …. Ok well, $10 million economic impact in the norfolk area during the recession…. Thats all you wanna know??..... You sure…. Ok, let’s get back to fixing the car….. (continues drilling on the car)

Title: The gardener

(opens garden and starts planting flowers while talking to another gardener)

Good morning Julie! Isn’t this a lovely day to be planting flowers and talking about the environment?..... Yes, I agree that we should talk about the keystone pipeline. Have you heard about it before?.... I feel as though it has great aspects of it such as they estimate 20,000 new jobs which is great because so many people are unemployed. If they are unemployed that means that they can not really support their family as well as they could if they were employed and if they have a lot of kids, oh please help em. Another good aspect of this is that TransCanada became the third largest employer in a community of nearly 25,000…. I know doesn’t that sound amazing!.... Oh you want to know a few more things of what makes the keystone pipeline a must have?.... Ok well let’s see. (ponders while brush her hair to think of some more reasons) Oh how could I forget, the gross sales of used taxes increases, majority of jobs will be created during pipeline construction….. Oh yea I forgot as I said before there are a lot of things I do not like about it as well….. Oh such as?.... Such as it pollutes drinking water which is terrible because if you even think about drinking that water you could get extremely sick and possibly have to go to the hospital…. Another thing I do not like about it is that it cost $58.6 million in property taxes, $39.1 million in sales taxes, $20.1 million in individual income tax, and 3.3 million in corporate tax. If you add all that up then you are spending billions of dollars just for this pipeline which may not even stay up for very long….. Well it was nice talking to you and seeing you again…. I’ll talk to you soon….Okay bye Julia see you tomorrow.