Hand in hand.

Walking to a place unknown.

Complaining to not go.

But then.

Through the open door, lie

so many little faces unknown.

All sitting on a carpet, starring.

Starring as I stand besides mom.

I look up at her and into her eyes,

as my eyes start to water.

I begin to cry.

A unknown lady walked forward.

Speaks in a language so unknown.

They all speak in the language unknown.

But a language I must learn.

She looked at me, pulled me toward

the carpet but I didn't let go of mom.

She asked mom to sit on a chair 

in the back of the room.

I didn't want mom to go and

leave me with these unknown people.

But mom letted go and made me understand.

The lady pulled me to sit on the carpet again.

I went and sat down next to my mom's, friend son.

The lady spoke and the children answered her questions, 

as I sat there quietly being unknown. 

I looked back at mom but she told me to focus.

So I did. Listened and tried to understand the lady. 

She went on and on about something I didn't even know.

But then came the fun part. She gave us books with pictures

to color in and some colorful pencils. I got busy.

Then I looked back. 

I didn't see my mom. 

Didn't know where she was.

Then I ran to the window.

Pushed my face so close.

Looked through.

Tears rolled down my small cheeks.

And there she was, outside. 

Walking away from here and

leaving me in a place unknown.

Do's and Don'ts of being me

Do go to school and get a really good education; so you can succeed in life. 

Don't get below A's in report cards. 

Do the right things.

Don't do the wrong things. 

Do think before you say something. 

Don't say and then think.

Do dress yourself in a nice way. 

Don't dress this way.

Do make friends at school.

Don't talk to boys because we won't let you have him.

Do tell boys that you can't love them because your different.

Don't love someone out of your own race or religion.

Do listen to your family and have them first before falling for another.

Don't love any other men besides the one your family picks for you.

Do have a nice heart.

Don't build up a cruel heart.

Do smile everyday.

Don't make mistakes or break rules.

Do listen to your heart and have fun.

Don't forget to life


Part Of My Life
Writing assignment: 

 The instructor said, 

Go home and write 

a page tonight.

And let that page come out of you ---

Then, it will be true.

I'm sit here thinking, wondering how to fill up this page. 

I'm a girl who's fifteen, born in Bangladesh but now living in Philly.

My parents moved here so my older siblings and I

could get a better education and succeed in life.

I went to Charles R. Drew and now in SLA.

Along the way I've made so many friends that have 

changed my life in so many ways. Out of all my 

friends there is one that completes my life every 

second that I'm alive and means the world to me.

I can never thank them enough.

But for now I'll sit here and write:

On this path of life I have always had 

ups and down but it hasn't all been bad.

I've had those crazy mood swings. I'll be 

happy one second then maybe mad,

and then at night I might end up crying. 

Call me crazy but cryings maybe the only

way I get my crazy fillings out. People 

barley know about this because I hold it in

and stay strong. Their is one person 

in my life that knows all their is to know

about me and like I said I'll never be able

to thank them enough.  

From the outside I'm the type of girl thats 

so happy, always telling jokes, smiling, laughing 

and having the time of my life. Most of the time

I am that girl in every way but sometimes 

deep inside I'm dying, my heart's broken 

but not bleeding. I'm tired of crazy drama 

but never of life because I have so much

planned for it. I act like everything is perfect 

so for most I am one of the happiest girl they know. 

And Some think that I have no problem and that my 

life is completely perfect. I don't mind that at all because

I know whatever has happened in my past has made

me the girl I am now.

Someone has to really get to know me well enough, 

in order to know the truths, before they can

know me and all that is hidden about me from the world. 

And this is my paper for English B.