"Poetry Slam!" : Advertisements that Objectify Women

bk ad
bk ad
It Takes One to Know One

Throughout your teenage years what have you broken?
A few bones?
Maybe even a few hearts?
NO! That's Not All.
You have cracked your mothers soul like 
the spine
And you continue to pose for this foolishness as you witness her blood pour 
And as the pain in the veins of her eyes remain
Reflect on the messages you send to men
Is this becoming a trend?
What has Gotten into Us Young Women?

Been There Done That
nike 2
nike 2
​Continence: Just Do It®

Your continence has constantly verbalized (Just Do It)
But for what? (Just Do It)
For many males to be mesmerized by her thighs 
Or possibly what lies in between them (Just Do It)
You see she knows the way it will be portrayed (Jus Do It)
But it doesn't matter because she is still getting payed (Just Do It) 
And maybe after this she'll even get laid
But the negative image of her will never fade

But...She is still afraid (Just Do It)
She knows it's wrong
The pitchfork of the devil is dragging her along
It's her choice to move on
And leave all these bad spirits alone

My purpose for all of this is to poetically open your eyes 

to realize 

that these marketing guys 

are not on our side

You see we women are queens 

Not only are we queens but we are also 

Human Beings 

This sexual curse has been rehearsed and rehearsed and it hurts our youth

And our youth is our future

And we shall leave this in the past

Objectification has gone on for far too long 

Let us women stand up and fight for our rights 

For we are not just a body that pleases the sight 

Let us tear down ads where women are posing preposterously 

and standing slutty 

And reshape the world and re-sculpt the minds of our youth  to once again 

cherish the female flesh 

and perish the thought of 





not all being beautiful. You see these ads are ugly, what I see in me and think of WE

does not equal what these ads portray. 

These degrading ads have received debatable responses like

"Oh it's not that bad" or

"Where is your sense of humor?"

Well I say there is a line between humorous and disrespectful. 

These ads have crossed the line and have been throughout history for a long time.

How dare you be so mean

and have the audacity to degrade a queen. 


  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • Why did you choose this type of presentation format?
  • Where did you run into trouble with the project? 
  • What went well with this project?
  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your decisions or your process?
  • What did you learn?

    I choose this topic because I see degrading advertisements on television, on paper, billboards, etc. and take offense to the brutal material coming from the product. I felt that poetry has a way with words that could get inside people and "grind them up" so the feeling that the marketers should've had when they were brainstorming about advertisements and came up with offensive materials such a the ads above. Out of the sample I collected in my research, these are the subdued versions out of all of the example ads I found. The others were entirely too graphic to use for a project for school. I didn't have much trouble with this project . I actually enjoyed it; my heart was in it. The fact that I found so many ads helped with this project. I wish I could've written a poem for each one I found. If I had more time I would do so. I learned how cold hearted some people are with this project and that a "sense of humor" can be rather offensive to a certain group of people.