Point of Divergence: Nuke used in North Korea

Click HERE to view my project that details the alternate events that could have occurred if America decided to use nuclear weapons during the Korean War in the 1950's.


This project actually took a lot of time when compared to the other benchmarks that we've done throughout the course of the year because changing one thing meant we were changing the course of history. That one change could drastically change the future and it was a challenge thinking all of that through. However, that is also what I liked about this project. It let us be creative, while also challenging our changes to reality. I had investigated many events but I would have to say that the most interesting would have to be the relationship between North and South Korea as well as the Korean war because of the conflicts that were going on at the time. The actions of America mostly impact my alternate timeline negatively because our government felt entitled to drop bombs on other countries simple because they had done it before without thinking of the ramifications, which usually were on the negative side for both America and the country they nuked. For the most part, the most systemic changes in my alternate reality involved communist countries switching over to a democratic approach, which was good for the citizens and the world. One person can be very influential, the mere signing of a paper can authorize the death of millions of people, like in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. This project could have possibly been improved by completing it on some other format other than a website. If I had to do this project over I wouldn't wait until the last week to really start working to end up with a better, more polish final product.