Political Participation Q1 Benchmark

​For this project my group made a website about letting 16 year olds vote and why or why not it should be part of The Constitution. One can access our website by clicking here. There are four individual parts a position pointing out the best of our idea, a rebuttal paper that points out possible flaws and points of argument. Also two visual portions a campaign add and a video about it. I did the rebuttal paper that can be accessed by clicking here.

My group was Stephen Holts, Tenzin Ngawang, and Sasha Sapp, and myself. We picked our topic by saying the first thing that came to our heads. We did this because we didn't want to spend time arguing over the subject and wanted to get right on to doing the work. I personally decided to do one of the papers because I'm good at writing. This project was in accordance to one of our 11th grade Spanish "What is the role of an individual in creating and sustaining change?". This project to me was about educating the future voters and politicians of America. We did research to understand what changes could be made and why the general public might or might not support. We were making the core of a campaign and if we actually wanted to fight to let 16 year olds vote this is where we would start. My previous idea of how America worked was that they counted every vote that came from every citizen. That idea changed after I learned about the Electoral College and how it works. I think that America is still a Democracy it’s just “The lives of a lot are in the hands of a few” kind of democracy. One thing we did to try to make it more relatable to a general audience is by having a spokesperson or a face of our campaign “Kathleen”. Kathleen is a 16 year old and represents a mature educated portion of 16 year olds that want to vote. Other then that we did all four of the core parts and made a good functioning website.