Polson ILP check-in February

As many of you probably know if you have read my past updates.  I am doing an ILP with the Give and take jugglers.  A Philly based juggling organization that does shows at local festivals and conventions such as Philly folk fest which is something they do every year and I probably will be performing in.  (hopefully).  But lately I have been working on a routine with what are called cigar boxes (here is a video to show you what kind of stuff you can do with them)
Cigar box juggling is sort of a lost art and not that many people do it now adays which is why I enjoy doing it.  I like doing things that not many people do, it makes you stand out in the croud.  But anyways my routine is coming along really well and i am really exited for folk fest this year when I will most likely present it to an audience for the first time.