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​Over the year, we began to write in our journals periodically throughout the year.  As much as I love expressing my feelings, I don't really like doing it through writing. Nonetheless, here are 4 fresh journals from the year!
Feb. 17th, 2011.

Um, An impossible task that I’m usually faced with is completing a giant assignment at 2 am during the end of summer because I never do my work right when I get it. I’m not exactly alone though since half of the grade is up messaging each other asking how the heck they’re going to complete it in 3 hours. Somehow we all manage to finish and get a passing grade though we normally help each other on the questions to get it done as fast as we can. I’ll never learn to get my work done…

OH WELL, I’m passing.

Feb. 2nd 2011


                        A hero in my opinion doesn’t need to be able to fly, or melt things with their awesomeness. They are just somebody who has exceptional qualities and strong emotions. Somebody with an enormous amount of intelligence is just as much a hero as somebody with no fears.  Sure Superman and all are great but the chances of somebody who can fly around and save the day dressed in tight clothes are kind of small. Chuck Norris is obviously an exception, as he does possess the powers listed in the beginning of this article and many more of course.

January 20, 2011.


1.)  My advisor mister chase is an excellent storyteller.  He once rambled on about bees or something for a good 10 minutes. Making it up as he went along. It was pretty cool.

2.)  I really enjoy reading story’s about survival in the wilderness. My favorite book has been brains winter since I read it in the 6th grade. I’ve read it several times. I would love to read stories like this more often but can never find one that catches my attention. Hopefully I’ll find one soon.


January 24, 2011


1.)  To me, being an adult is nothing more than being at least 21. Although, ACTING like a 21 year old is something a lot of people need to learn. If you abuse your children or commit constant felonies you aren’t an adult, just a fully developed buffoon.  You know you’re finished when you have all privileges, aside from the senior citizen discounts.