Post 6_deeper reflection/explanation

Through this project I wanted to learn something, anything, it didn't really matter to me what I learned I just wanted to walk away from this project feeling smaller and accomplished  and I did. 
Post one When I first started this blog I wanted to explore how food relate to culture. But it was a bit difficult to ask people questions that related to that and stay on topic.My first conversation went well but then I had to go so I was not able to finish that conversation. So later I started another one with Hector Gutierrez who lives in Brazil. He answered my questions but in English. So I kept the conversation going to see if I would learn anything that way.
Post two This person Charles was nice and willing to talk to me. Our conversation went well there was something to talk about and it was patience during the conversation, there were times when I did not respond as fast because I had to figure out a way to work my question or response. While talking to different people on shared talk I have come to the realization that is it no what you say to a person it is how you say it. By that it can be how detailed you are with an answer when someone body asks yo a question. When you are not very detailed with an answer it gives people room to make more inferences about who you are as a person.
Post three During this chat, I talked with Ezequiel Guerreo from Spain. He did not know English very well but he was still willing to help me with my Spanish, and correct me while we spoke with one another. During this conversation I felt confident because I knew what Ezequiel was talking about and I was able to comment, respond and ask questions and I was not suing anything to help me for most of the conversation. I felt as if I were having a conversation in English, it was very exciting for me.
Post four  For this post I was confident starting both conversations I entered. I didn't get a change to finish them but these two chats I had made me think of what I wanted to talk about in blog number five. Sometimes people just leave the chat, in my opinion the people become impatient. Then decided to leave the chat, it's sometimes a bit funny when you think everything is going well and then the next thing you know the chat looks as if you are chatting yourself.  
Post five In this blog I just noted the times when I was talking in a conversation and t was just a complete fail. Either the person had to leave for a reason or they just left the conversation. I called it a fail because it seemed as if every time a conversation started well and I knew what was going on and the person could understand me. The conversation ended. 
Post six is directed to the first project for Spanish I posted on slate this year. I linked post six to my Trader Joe's to show that, during this project while I was speaking in Spanish on Shared Talk to people the conversations took a normal length of time not too long. But to make a flyer for a cause I was in support of took days to write in Spanish. When I first got this project I thought talking to people whos' native language is Spanish would be hard, but after remembering all the things I have learned this year, talking was not as difficult as I thought it would be. After doing all the blogs I decided to direct my overall goal a bit differently.
*Me gustó aprender cosas diferente de las conversaciones con diferentes personas. Todos ellos preguntó sobre los Estados Unidos. A veces yo no dicho mi pregunta correcta, pero que no sabía lo que quería decir. Me gusta mi proyecto completo. Mi proyecto es diferente y era simpre, pero veo que mi español es mejor. Hablé con muchos  personas y todos ellos eran boba y divertida o loco, pero yo me gusta sharedtalked y estoy saliendo de mi lugar seguro para hablar en otro idioma.