Post civil war suppy route.

Artist statement

For my Visual I decided to create a map showing the supplies that the north sent the south. The shows where the supplies started off and how they got to there location and the distance they had to travel.

There are elements of the visual that might not be 100% clear to the person looking at it. One element that might not be clear to the viewer is that the supplies were being sent from the north and not being sent from the south. People may think this because there is no arrow indicating which way the supplies were going. Another element that might not be clear is what time period this is taking place in. People might not know it is between 1865 and 1875 because there is no date on the visual. One last element that might not be clear is how the supplies were being sent to there destination. People looking at the visual might not know what mode of transportation was being used to take the supplies to one point to another.

The visual I created has meaning for the study of the reconstruction era. It has meaning because it shows what the north was willing to send to the south to help them rebuild. We can see from the visual what the south needed to rebuild and how they would use the materials they received from the north.The visual also allows us to see what specific area of the south needed a certain material and shows where in the north the materials were coming from. It also helps viewers see the distance it would take these supplies to reach there destination. lastly it helps viewers understand that there were certain materials that the south was able to produce on their own and didn't need the north to send them it.

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