Post For Change: Reginald Simmons

Blog Post #3 / Post For Change

In my last two blogs, I’ve discussed cyberbullying. What it is, what it can do, what it already has done, etc. Before this project, I didn’t know much about this subject myself, and I’ve learned a lot about this issue. I plan to keep tabs on the path it takes.

This blog post is my last one, and the last phase of the project. This is the post for change. So far, I’ve made change by posting about cyberbullying, so that people on the SLA blog post site can read it, and get the subject in their heads. To continue to make change with my topic, I will craft a sheet of paper filled with sources to stories, facts and websites for readers to look at. It will be a paper intended to simply raise awareness, so that people don’t stop thinking about cyberbullying as soon as they leave me blog. That’s all that I have left to do.
My piece of original content will be the sheet of paper for awareness that I previously explained. I will make enough copies for all my classmates to have at least one. I’m glad i was assigned this project, because in trying to get the word out about your topic to other people, you learn a lot about it yourself. I would like acknowledge Ms. Dunn for all the help she’s provided for me.

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