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In my earlier blog posts I talked about the effects of poverty on a student's academic success and the relationship between education, unemployment and homelessness. I also mentioned some information about homeless people infected with HIV/AIDS. If the reader would like to read those two previous blogs please visit these sites: Blog 1, Blog 2.

I am currently holding a fundraiser for homeless children that need a place to stay and an education.  To draw attention to this topic, I put posters that asked for donations to Stand up for Kids around my school and a PDF of that poster in the advisory memo so that all the parents, teachers and students could find out about it. Some students at Science Leadership Academy have already contacted me about donations.

I decided  help StandUp For Kids this because “more than 94% of the financial donations go directly to assisting homeless and street kids”.  This information means that when I ask people to donate they know that their money will be used for putting and end to youth homelessness and that they are not be wasting their money. However, my main goal was not to see how much money I could collect; it was to make people aware of this topic and for them to spread the word. When people can relate to something and learn about it, that is when change starts to happen.

After making my community aware of this issue, the next step to making sure all children get an education and that they have shelter is to have people make a change by volunteering and donating. This will reduce the number of homeless kids in America (1.5 million). One way to make a change without donating money is donating things to the Salvation Army. Once this organization is done collecting all their donated items (t-shirts, shoes, household items)  they sell them to gain money for people in need like all the homeless kids in the United States. Also if they are people that feel very strongly about homeless children in America with HIV/AIDS they can volunteer and donate to the Philly Aids Thrift store.

I was able to raise a total of $62.62 to donate to Stand Up for Kids. Even Though that the amount of money that raised was not that great, my campaign was very successful in raising awareness.  I would like to thank all the people that donated, but most of all Jeremy Spry, Alexa Dunn, Chris Lehmann, Pejman Makarechi, Carlo Makarechi, Bijan Makarechi, Giovanna Chiti and Ray Albarouki. All those people helped me perfect my original content. I could not have done it without them and if it was not for them people would not be as aware of the poverty in the United States as they are now.

I wonder if in the future I will find better ways to inform people about something that is important to me.
“Go out into the world and do good until there is too much good in the world.”
Larry H. Miller
Here is my Bibliography.

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