Power puff Girls ft. Mojo Jojo

Group members present during the discussion
How you discussed it
* Answered your questions first
* Stated our opinion on how we felt about the pages we read
Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion
*No, but we all agreed that people should ask more questions about the data that is given to them.
Questions that came up as a result of the discussion
* Why dont companies give direct answers ?
* Why is it so hard for people to look at the screwed graphs and realize they are getting manipulated? 
Power Puff Girls Ft. Mojo Jojo Part 2

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Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

I was going to give you a break with the questions, since you answered the last ones so well, but your audio repeated and then cut off, eliminating most of your new discussion. Please make sure you respond to these points next time (before beginning your new discussion):

  1. Select one sentence in Chapter 4 that you believe best summarizes the main points of this chapter.
  2. Chapter 5 talks about the wrong way to make a picture graph. Is there a right way? If so, how do you suppose it could be constructed to avoid leaving a false impression?
  3. What is a semi-attached figure?
  4. What does post hoc mean?
  5. Chapter 8 warns against the dangers of extrapolation. What is one example the author uses in that discussion?