My element is Strontium and its atomic number is 38. Strontium was founded by Adair Crawford when he analyzed a mineral sample from a lead mine near Strontian, Scotland. Strontium is mainly used for flares in fireworks. It makes the color red more vibrant in fireworks. I got the idea for making the a firework because strontium is mainly used for fireworks as I stated above. The process was fairly simple. I had to figure out what I wanted the print to be; a firework. Then, I had to copy it onto a thin piece of paper. After that, I turned the thin piece of paper backwards and traced the design onto a foam type of material. We had to turn in backwards so the final design wouldn’t come out backwards. I then painted and matted my designs to get this final look. If I could do this print differently, I would try to make it neater because the neater my work is, the more professional it looks. I really enjoyed painting the foam type of material because I love to paint. Even though the area that I was working on got messy, I still enjoyed doing it. There were so many people trying to get their foam type of material painted which actually made the situation pretty funny.

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