Printmaking: Arsenic


Arsenic was obtained by heating soap together with orpiment by Albertus Magnus. Arsenic has three common allotropes, gray, yellow, and black arsenic. Yellow arsenic is the most unstable and the most poisonous. The element name arsenic comes from the ancient Persian word Zarnikh, which means "yellow orpiment". I put the word arsenic in grafitti to give it a good look. A can of spray paint is toxic and it contains certain chemicals that arsenic have. I also have a jar of arsenic laying down that is spilled as if it was just used. I made three different drawings. After I found the right one, I started to print. At first I had to draw over my drawing really hard. After that, I painted over my drawing with the right amount of paint. Once I finished, I took paper and put it on there like a stamp, when I removed it, it looked nice. I repeated this multiple times with different colors.I would do more rainbow colors if I was to do this assignment again. I enjoyed painting the drawing the most. It was fun.