My element is Radon (Rn). The atomic number is 86. My element is a toxic substance that was discovered in 1900 by Friedrich Ernst Dorn. It was known as Niton until its name was changed in 1923. It is primarily obtained through radium decay. It is used in cancer treatment.

I got my idea from the toxicity of Rafon. Gas masks that filter out toxins need to be used when near Radon. So I drew a gas mask.

We researched our element and then we came up with 3 ideas. Next we copied our best idea on to copy paper and the copied it onto a foam board. Then we used paint to print it onto another paper.

If I could do anything different I would make sure my drawing and words was more indented in the foam.

I enjoyed the printing part of the project when we used the paint. It was the most fun to me and I enjoyed doing it. It was when we put paint on the foam and copied it onto paper. I liked putting the paint onto the foam the most of the entire project.