Printmaking has been something very important to the worlds art and culture. It's spread shared culture from Asia to Europe and influenced many artist today and throughout history. It not only brings are aspects, but it lead to other creations as well, such as playing cards. Printmaking was something used strongly towards religion when it first reached Europe, until Italian printmakers spread the designs onto book covers, and are the creators of the playing card. Printmaking has been very revolutionary in the cultural and art world impacting famous artist and spreading these creations world wide.
santa_cruz-water_at_center: Taken from UCSC, Artist Salal Moon Rinaldo.
santa_cruz-water_at_center: Taken from UCSC, Artist Salal Moon Rinaldo.
​The image is of Santa cruz with many buildings that rise in height towards the background. There are also parked cars spreading a variety of colors on the one of two roads. Rinaldo also put many trees between the buildings that helps spread between manmade and natural elements. The sky comes down a small amount towards the top, but most attention is drawn towards the two flipped white cones. They stand out and it leaves the viewer at their own guesses since the bottoms are blocked by trees. 
Rinaldo showed a lot of contrast having half the building being hit by sunlight providing it with a white color while the opposite side is in the shade. The shade varies from gray to black visible on almost every building. I think the image is intended to be interpreted as a photo. It's a drawing that can be interpreting a beautiful part of Santa Cruz, showing the difference in building elevation creating a very eye catching image. Some of the lines in this image look like they could've been drawn by a child, but the way Rinaldo forms the building still makes the buildings look spectacular and professional. which is shown by the strong contrast. One thing that looks poor is the drawing of the cars, they look sloppy and rushed, but this could be cause of how small they are compared to the buildings.

One thing I noticed was Rinaldo only created a few key elements to draw the readers eye. Between the normal buildings and cars, there are a few elements that stand out very distinctly in comparison. I wonder however about these elements, like the cones, the car on the roof, and the difference in types of trees within the image. Something that could change the image a lot would be if it was taken from a point in the background. It could create an interesting flipped perspective.