Printmaking - Malcolm McCreary

  • ​My element is Iodine, and has the atomic number 53
  • Iodine was discovered in 1811 by the French chemist Barnard Curtis. The usage of Iodine is mainly medical, reducing thyroid hormones, and killing fungus, bacteria, and other microorganisms such as amoebas, there's also types of iodine that can treat radioactive accidents. 
  • The greek origin of Iodine, or, iōdēs translates to "violet colored", which gave me the idea to make a flower "a violet" that had crystallized traits considering that iodine in solid form is like a chunky crystal.
  • I started with making sketches of crystal-looking flowers, I took samples of the shape of Iodine to try and make the chunkier or more crystal-looking petals. 
  • If I did this again I'd try to focus on making sure there wouldn't be creases or folds in the styrofoam print so that things looked neater. 
  • My favorite part was actually printing the designs since I've always enjoyed printmaking and getting to see how your design turns out.