Printmaking Blog

This project was to basically bring creativity out of an element. My element was aluminum and the atomic number is 13. Aluminum is a chemical element that is s a silvery-white, soft, nonmagnetic and ductile metal in the boron group. It was discovered in the 1800s. Aluminum is used for many different things. Such as, kitchen utensils, cans, foils, etc.

As you see in the picture I chose to make a drawing of soda spilling out of a can. This was actually my second drawing and I chose this because I wanted something that looked cool and not plain like my first. The first on was aluminum foil unwrapping but I didn’t really like the way it came out. I thought of other things that had to do with aluminum and  thought of a can. I did three drawings with a can and this was the one I liked best. The first can drawing was just a regular can and the second was a crushed up can.

The process of printmaking is very simple and easy. If you were to do this project you would have to first draw whatever you want on a paper, 4x6 if you want it to be the same size as mine. Then you would take some transfer paper and trace your drawing. After you trace you would have to trace one more time but this time it would be on like a piece of styrofoam and trace backwards. The reasoning for tracing backwards is so the print will come out the right way when you transfer it to paper. Now you would take the printing paint and roll it on the styrofoam. Last but not least, transfer it to paper. I enjoyed the exploring and drawing part of the project because I had the opportunity to learn something new but I would improve my actual drawing if I was to do this again.