Prison of Academia


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Marcin Czapla (Student 2019)
Marcin Czapla

I really enjoyed reading your essay, especially the part about that Norweigan guy Arsen, sounds like a cool guy. The big understanding I got from your essay is that you are not motivated in school. You know what you are doing and all but you just don't feel like doing it or find it pointless. As for the writing itself, I found it very humorous and descriptive which are always really good traits.

James Adams (Student 2019)
James Adams

I like your view on the system of school and the essay was really enjoyable to read I also like how you showed us how your school lfe is and what you think.

Majo Bostani (Student 2019)
Majo Bostani

Mashed is a cool dude, isn't he. Hahahahaha.

The big understanding of that was that as much as you didn't like the school system, you still get by.

I loved how meta that was, man. I feel like that should be a catch phrase. "Dude, that's so meta, man." Or maybe a superhero's name, who stops crimes just by thinking and reflecting. But yeah, nice job!

Andrew Rodebaugh (Student 2019)
Andrew Rodebaugh

I agree with your ideas of the school system it can be ineffective because if the classmate is not engaged they probably will not learn anything and it is hard to engage 20+ students with different interests in every class.

Paxton Wentzell (Student 2019)
Paxton Wentzell

I really enjoyed reading your essay. I enjoyed that it takes place here at SLA and I can relate to what's going on. It means you really understand your target audience or you're just and unoriginal who did the first that came to mind. Either way, it was an enjoyable, comedic read with a message that is obvious, but works.

Maciej Pokora (Student 2019)
Maciej Pokora

After reading your essay I got the understanding of you not wanting to write any essays. Also got a hold of your idea of success is to do good in school and to do the assignments which you think are pointless. I really like your style of writing and it seems very entertaining to read with the humour you add to it.