My group's topic for our project was on homelessness in Philadelphia. I was initially going to help with the design and flyers but then noticed how though I'm good at that, I am also good at doing the research in order for my group to continue on other things. So that became my job for the group, searching for any facts and statistics on the homeless in philadelphia. At first I thought it was going to be easy, but then it turned out to be a bit difficult and frustrating because there has not any new information or updated research on the topic in the last 3-4 years. Though that information is just as good, I was searching for news from now. For years I've known about the homeless and as I traveled around Philadelphia I've gotten to see them up close. But recently, in 2012, I noticed a lot more than usual. Maybe they were there all along but I wanted to know how that happened, if it had something to do with todays' economy or something personal. After numerous attempts, I was able to find some of the answers I was looking for which made me feel a little better and got the info to the rest of my group in time to do their part. 

Overall I think I did a good job on my part but it could have been better. I haven't seen the keynote yet by Sammy or the pictures Isabella took, but the pamphlet and flyer Loren made with the information and facts was really good. We each had skills that was able to done and joined to make one good group. I still think that our group's project turn out well and I can't wait to see the finish project the day of presentation.