Process Paper:College Dropouts

My group’s campaign topic is  College Dropout rates in Philadelphia and what we planed to do was first raise awareness that this is a growing problem in Philadelphia, while also pointing out different solutions to fix it. So Devante, Joshua, Aazimah and I decided that we were going to create a poster, flyers, a PSA and a twitter page to present this problem to our target audience. Our target audience was college students in Philadelphia so we would host most of are campaigning downtown near Penn and Drexel Campuses.

My roles in this project were to create the twitter page, find places for us to post and hand out our flyers and work on the group PSA component. Each of these component to me had their own advantages and disadvantages, such as how I may have found a place where college students do come past but when we went to that location during lunch hours their was no one to hang out the flyers too. But overall I think I made some good progress on my components of the project such as networking on twitter. My groups’ account is now sending our message out to 70+ followers which considering that it has only been active for a week that is a rapid approval rating. This also shows some success to the flyers and posters made by other group members because the username to the twitter page is posted on each component.