Process Paper: Septa

My group members, Matthew Marshall, April Woodburn, and Aidan Rios, and I made a campaign for SEPTA. Everyone had at least one bad experience on SEPTA, and we wanted to change that. Our goal was to make people understand that SEPTA could be a much more safe and a more peaceful ride if everyone would be considerate towards each other. To send out our message, we decided to make a website and promote it by making posters and posting them around SEPTA stops. Matthew and April worked on the website, and Aidan and I worked on the posters and promoting our website and campaign.

I made one of the posters for my group. I thought that it was hard to do because I wanted to find pictures that people could relate to, but also make it a little humorous. I found a picture of people pushing each other to get on the bus. It was a picture many people could relate to so I went with that one. I also wanted a good slogan to catch peoples attention. I always see the sign on the SEPTA that says please no eating, drinking or smoking. Underneath those words were it’s common courtesy and It’s the law. I copied that for my poster because everyone knows that sign. Matthew and April made a QR code for me to put on the poster, so that people can use their phones to get to our website.

After finishing my poster I printed them and posted them onto every SEPTA stop that I could . I gave some to my aunt because she works at King of Prussia. She posted the posters near the bus stop. I thought that would be a very good place for them to be because King of Prussia is very popular, and many people catch the bus to get there.

The most struggling part was getting people to view our website. I posted the posters around, but the next day it was raining. I think that many of the posters were ruined and that messed up how many views we could have gotten on our website.