Process Paper

It all began with a mini project that Ms. Pahomov assigned to the class. We were split up into groups of 2 and given the choice to chose a topic to touch on about problems in Philadelphia. After every group presented their project, we voted on the top problems and then each of us were give a topic that we liked the most. The people that chose the same topic, were in the same group and within the group our job was to create a campaign to spread awareness.My group chose the topic of high school dropouts, and our campaign was to spread awareness that the dropout rate in high and increasing as we know. Also that staying in school benefits your future.

My group first decide on the audience we wanted to target which was teenagers because those are the people high schools consists of. We all decided on components that we should use that will get our message out, a website, a survey, youtube video, flyers , QR codes, and a catchy slogan. I worked on the website which at first seemed easy but I began to put ti together  I had to think of things to actually post to the page. I started to post things like “Our mission” and pictures but the blog still seemed empty so I decided to post quotes that students wrote from the form that I created. I had to also make the blog creative and by that I mean the our all design of it. Making the blog eye catching was very important to me because that is what grabs peoples attention and makes them want to actually read it and learn more. As the blog started to come together we got views everyday, and even exceeded our goal, which made my part successful

The survey/form was also my idea but I don’t think that was success at all. My goal was to get at least 100 responses but instead we only got 26. I posted the link on social networks and even asked my group members to send the link out. But it winded up not being as effective as I planned. 

I  had the idea of creating QR codes for the flyers so that it would be easier for people to get to the website and the form. The codes were placed on the flyers and put around school. I don’t think the QR codes were that successful because I didn’t see people scanning them with their phone. Maybe if the flyers with the codes were placed outside of school, people would had scanned them, making this component more successful.

Overall I enjoyed this project and had fun with it. I just think if other in my group had worked harder and had things done on the deadline we assigned, the campaign could have been more successful.