Process paper

Working with my group wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. Everyone pretty much did the part that each of us  agreed on what needed to be done. My part was maily trying to do the website and getting the images to work. it loads up at time from time by then it doesn't. After working on some parts of the website next was fixing the edits that had to be made on the google doc like our purpose of our campaign and why it was import an for everyone to get healthcare. The only hard part about finding information on it was finding jobs that didn't offer health care.Most websites tried not to bring up the topic saying other benefits  that can give you worked here.The last thing i can that i offered to my group was helping phoenix place the ar codes all over our school to get people to come to our website.The whole point of putting the codes over was not only for our website, it was also like a little test that we did on people to see what gets their attention. Thats we  desired that a video is the best to get people to looks at our website.. I even made a little jingle that i try to get stuck in people head when they watch the video. But just not  our school but  as i was walking i placed a few ar codes and our webiste link around my neighborhood.Over all i think  me and my group did a pretty good job  in doing this project. My only  problem with our video is  if our editing skills where better we could have made it more funny with  sounds affect and other stuff.